Benefits of owning a cat

benefits of owning a cat

Go no further than your Facebook news feed to find out how much people are in love with cats. Sometimes it seems that every other link is to a cat video, and still we have a powerful urge to click on it every time one of those puffy little creatures appears on our screen. We adore our pets, and for good reason, too. They can be our best companions, a link to our childhoods, a less stressful alternative to offsprings, and, sometimes, just a good distraction from our stressful everyday lives. But of all the pets we can have, what makes cats special?

For one thing, cats are independent. Whenever we need a good cuddle, we can always rely on them, but on the other hand cats also know when to leave us to our every day tasks and focus on cleaning themselves or running after that elusive fly. Which brings us to their next trait: cats are natural hunters, and they will keep your house clean of any rodents. Moreover, they will bring the spoils of the hunt to you as a reward for being a good owner. But probably the biggest advantage to our other favorite feline (dog!) is that cats are content being indoors and require a lot less work around them. They clean themselves, use the toilet, and shower us with affection whenever we need it. But apart from being a great pet, cats in particular will benefit their owners even in more subtle ways, both physically and psychologically.

Very astounding fact is that cat’s purring helps healing bones and muscles. Due to the frequency of the vibrations of cat’s purring, our injuries can miraculously heal faster. But cats prove to be beneficiary also in less extreme ways. Due to lower stress levels, cat owners have significantly lower risk of heart diseases. Also, cats are great around children. Not only do they make them more social (especially important for kids with autism), but on top of that they improve the immune system of a child that is around them.

As we all know, having a cat can prove quite beneficial to our mental health. And not just to cope with loneliness or boredom, but also in cases of mental disorders. Studies have shown that most of the mental patients have had a significant improvement after acquiring a cat. But you can benefit from having a cat even without a disorder. They will help you sleep better, as we have seen from the studies conducted in Mayo clinic center for sleep medicine. And to close of the argument for all of those who are still on the fence on whether to own a cat: cats can help you get laid. Women are more likely to be attracted to a man that owns a pet, as they will be perceived as more caring and nurturing.
After considering all of these benefits, only thing left to do is thank your little furry friend. And in case that you don’t have one, what are you waiting for?!